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What is The Big Green Box?
The Big Green Box is a national program that offers companies, consumers, municipalities, and other generators a low cost and easy way to recycle their batteries and portable electronic devices. The Big Green Box is an United Nations rated corrugated container that is 12"L X 11.5"W X 8"H and has a 43-pound weight capacity. Once The Big Green Box is purchased, all shipping, handling, and recycling fees are included. The Big Green Box includes a U.N. approved, pre-labeled container, pre-paid shipping to and from the recycling facility, and of course, all recycling fees. You simply buy it, fill it, seal it, and call UPS.

What is an U.N. rating?
An U.N. rating is a performance oriented standard recognized by the United Nations for international packaging specifications.

What can I put into The Big Green Box?
The Big Green Box is designed for batteries such as: alkaline, lithium, nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, lithium ion and other household batteries. You may also utilize The Big Green Box for cellular telephones, pagers, wireless communication devices such as PDA's, MP3's, chargers, portable tools, laptops and any other devices that are designed to operate on battery power.

How does The Big Green Box collection system work?
The Big Green Box is a prepaid collection system. Entities that wish to participate in the collection program place an order for The Big Green Box. Containers will be sent out to your location along with instructions on how to properly package your materials. The container comes with a self adhesive tape, and built-in insert flaps for safety in shipping. When The Big Green Box is full all you do is close the box and call FedEx for a pick up or have your standard FedEx delivery driver take away the box. Once received at our facilities all materials will be sorted by chemistry type and processed for recycling.

Is The Big Green Box safe?
Yes. The Big Green Box meets U.S. Department of Transportation and United Nations packaging standards. With your order of The Big Green Box we provide safety guidelines that can be used to train your employees. Along with the training materials, we provide plastic bags for batteries to be placed in prior to going into The Big Green Box, which provides proper insulation for the batteries and prevents unintentional discharges or short-circuiting.

What about labeling?
The Big Green Box™ has an area for customers to place an accumulation start date to assure compliance with state regulations. You may store the box for one year from the start of accumulation of recyclables in the box. In addition there is a label identifying that batteries are contained in The Big Green Box thus, saving time and money while maintaining compliance.

Is The Big Green Box approved for use by the Federal Government?
Yes. The Big Green Box is approved by the Government Services Administration (GSA) on Contract Number GS-10F-0045N, Schedule 899, valid from 10/22/02 through 10/21/07. Due to the various non consumer batteries used by the Government separate GSA costs have been identified. You can still order from this site by choosing the Federal Government (GSA) product. Please refer to for additional information.

How do we order and pay for The Big Green Box?
You may order The Big Green Box on this website by clicking the "Order Online Now" link below or by dialing toll free 1-877-461-2345 for the United States or 1-877-468-6926 for Canada. You may pay for your order by check, money order (phone calls only) or by credit card (phone calls or online).

Is there a benefit for our company to participate in this program?
We live in a wireless world. Company's, office buildings, salespeople and personnel all use wireless technology. Whether it is cellular telephones, pagers, wireless keyboards or a mouse, these devices have become an integral part of our daily lives. Companies or employers who have their staff utilize these wireless tools are assuming the responsibility of their proper management at end of useful life. In some cases these companies inadvertently violate state and federal hazardous waste laws when they throw batteries away into the municipal landfills. These actions could lead to violations and possible fines by regulatory agencies.

Other companies, that have waste management guidelines in place, often pay a high price to manage small volumes of waste that they produce. These companies may contract with a waste disposal company and manage these materials as a hazardous waste or hazardous material. Often this entails personnel filling out a lot of paperwork, labeling containers and devoting a tremendous amount of time to managing these small quantities of materials. Utilizing The Big Green Box reduces time, effort and money.

In addition what we have found by speaking with various companies is that they want to be good corporate citizens and environmentally pro-active. They are utilizing The Big Green Box to launch internal recycling programs within their companies. Companies are developing and promoting "social stewardship" programs whereby they extend their sphere of influence by asking employees not to throw away even their personal batteries and electronics from their homes, but instead to bring them back to the office and properly dispose of them there. This sends a clear "Green" message to their employees and helps the environment at the same time.

How big of a problem are batteries and electronics in the waste stream?
Many companies have not considered the volumes of electronic devices and batteries that enter our waste streams. For instance, did you know that within three years 130 million cellular telephones would be discarded each year? This means that over 65,000 tons of waste will be entering the waste stream. By the year 2005 there will be at least 200 million cellular telephones in use within the United States. According to the U.S.E.P.A., computers and electronic goods, many of which contain batteries, are the fastest growing waste stream in the U.S. and accounts for approximately 220 million pounds of waste per year.

Is the program sponsored by industry?
This is a private collection program that operates in the United States. While many companies involved in the manufacturing of electronic devices and batteries have shown a positive response to the program, we have not offered a means for either advertising on the container or sponsorship.

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